Keep fit by ear

Keep fit by ear

Chinese medicine believes that the ear is closely related to the internal organs, meridians, and glands.

Deformation of any part of the human body can be reflected to the corresponding part of the ear porch through the meridians.

If you exercise your ears frequently, local massage and stimulation can promote blood, lymphatic circulation and metabolism between tissues, regulate the functions of the human body and internal organs, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  (1) Method of pinching and rubbing the tip of the ear: use both hands to eat, pinch and rub the thumb and abdomen, shake the tip of the ear for half a minute, and have sedative, analgesic and brain clearing functions.

  (II) Pinching the earlobe method: Use both hands to eat and rub the earlobe separately, first gently pinch the earlobe for half a minute to become red and hot, then hold the earlobe down and pull it down, then let the earlobe return to its original shapeThis method can promote blood circulation, delay senile deafness, and reduce tinnitus.

  (3) Pull the whole ear method: right hand around the top of the head, eat, pull the left ear 36 times with the thumb clip ear tip, the same method for the left hand.

This method can improve the function of the immune system, promote the secretion of the submandibular and sublingual glands, increase vision protection, reduce throat pain, and chronic pharyngitis.

  (4) Two-hand ear sweeping method: Use the palms of both hands to sweep the ears from behind to drive the earbuds forward, and then when they come back, drive the earbuds to sweep backwards. This method can activate the function of the immune system and enhance disease resistance.Refreshing brain, nourishing kidney, blending yin and yang.

  (5) Hand-Molar Wheel Method: Hold both hands into empty fists and eat, and rub the thumb down and down along the wheel to make it congestive and feverish.

This method has the effect of protecting the liver and kidney.

  (6) Massage tragus method: take food, thumb and belly clip the tragus (the ear center), regardless of the height of the bumps, knead for half a minute, focus on the ear nail cavity, ear nail boat, which belongs to the heart, lungs, and respiratory tractAnd digestive, urinary system reflex zones.

Then insert the middle finger of both hands into the mouth of the ear canal, align the fingertips forward with the screen, pull out after rotating 2-3 turns clockwise and counterclockwise, and then pull out. This is repeated.Functions.