The dried tangerine peel in the house is a good match for the throat, the blood pressure, the eyesight.


The dried tangerine peel in the house is a good match for the throat, the blood pressure, the eyesight.

For a long time, dried tangerine peel is a favorite health food, and there is a statement of “one or two tangerine peels one or two gold.”

In addition, dried tangerine peel is a good helper to improve appetite.

Today, come and see the magical effect of Chenpi with Health Jun!

The three great points of Chenpi 1, the volatile oil contained in the antitussive and tangerine peel has the effect of irritating passive sputum. After eating, the sputum can be easily coughed out.

In addition, it has a weak expansion effect on the bronchus, which can achieve the effect of calming recovery.

2, improve the appetite, the skin contains a volatile oil on the gastrointestinal tract has a mild stimulating effect, promote the promotion of digestive juice secretion, the gas in the intestinal tube is excluded, its aroma and stomach, the effect of driving the wind is significant.

3, lowering blood pressure increases the ability of the heart to contract, can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate.

Pectin in dried tangerine peel can also prevent arteriosclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “a hundred years old tangerine peel, millennium ginseng”, tangerine peel has a very high medicinal effect, it can be used as a medicated diet with different foods.

Health Jun is here to share with you.

Chenpi medicated diet 1, dried tangerine peel + lemon laxative: constipation is mainly caused by living habits and direct dryness. Drinking dried tangerine peel lemon tea can be laxative.

Throat discomfort: easy to get angry in summer, sore throat, often drink dried tangerine lemon tea, can prevent throat problems!

2, dried tangerine peel + pear cold cough: Chenpi can nourish yin and moisten dryness, has a good effect on cold cough, plus pear can not drive away cold, cough and phlegm, can also nourish yin and lungs, improve dryness and dry cough.

3, dried tangerine peel + honey anti-inflammatory detoxification: orange peel containing hesperidin can regulate blood sugar and blood lipid balance, drinking with honey can prevent anti-inflammatory and detoxification.

Beauty and skin care: Chenpi water and honey are mixed together, not only enough to have rich amino acids and other nutrients, but also has a very good moisturizing effect.

4, dried tangerine peel + fetal chrysanthemum liver and eyesight: fetal chrysanthemum is rich in carotene and vitamin groups, with dried tangerine peel enough to clear liver and eyesight, can also improve liver blood deficiency, improve vision.

Improve disease resistance: The complete amino acid content in fetal chrysanthemum helps to promote the synthesis of antibodies in the human body, enhance autoimmune function and improve disease resistance.

5, dried tangerine peel + ginger to relieve cold: summer is prone to fatigue, immunity is reduced, often a cup of dried tangerine peel ginger tea, can not only cough and phlegm, but also prevent colds.

Exhaustion and antipyretic: Ginger can accelerate blood circulation, open pores, increase the amount of perspiration, and transform the sweat to remove the residual heat in the body, which helps to remove the cold in the body.