More terrible than loving a man by mistake

More terrible than loving a man by mistake

Everything about you is related to me (Lin Yan, female, 30 years old, accountant) When I was in college, I had two roommates. Both girls were extroverted, crazy, and two people often wore the sameMost of the clothes, habits and preferences are the same. They influence each other and relate to each other’s lives.

In the early days of friendship, friendship faintly showed a terrible situation-everything about other people has nothing to do with me, everything about you is about me.

  Later, both girls liked the same senior.

Fortunately, the relationship was still immature, and the friendship between the two girls was not harmed.

After graduation, two girls worked together in Shenzhen. One of them had a boyfriend, and the three often ate and shopped together.

It turned out that another girl fell in love with the man.

In the end, the two women turned against each other.

  Each woman has a few close friends, and intimate current, love and hurt seem to be the farthest, but in fact the nearest.

Because you can guard anyone, but not your friends.

  Therefore, in life, there are girlfriends who fall in love with their boyfriends, girlfriends take away their boyfriends, and girlfriends take away their husbands.

Everything seems accidental, but it is inevitable.

  The woman who is most likely to fall in love with the same man (Qin Xiaoli, female, 26 years old, journalist) is why it is not the others who hurt you most, but the closest friends you trust.

It’s simple, because she is closest to you, and she is most affected by you.

  You will surely tell her the reason why you love him, and you will surely let him tell you what attracts you most. Only her mind is known to her.

She is the only woman who can directly participate in your private life.

Therefore, the woman who walked closest to you is also the woman most likely to fall in love with the same man.

  That man is trash (Meng Gang, male, 32 years old, lawyer) I’ve seen two girls who are as good as one person, eating and living together, as the text says: Apple shoes and even toothbrushes are the sameEating, wearing, and using together, friendship is sharply distorted in the close relationship between two people.

  The reason why two women rob the same man may not be out of love at all.

Instead, in her eyes, she couldn’t tolerate what her girlfriend had alone.

Maybe when the girlfriend doesn’t love, she doesn’t love anymore. The man is like a pile of rubbish, which is thrown away by the girlfriend at the same time.

Because women and women can be long-term friends, there must be many common points, including likes and dislikes, including love.

While a man loses value in her eyes, she also loses color in another.

  Therefore, I also advise men not to think that it is cheap, and do those things of throwing peaches and plums between two women. When they come to the end, they will throw you away like garbage.You, then your ending is not as simple as two words.

  More terrible things than loving a man by mistake (Xiao Mo, female, 34 years old, editor) Female writer Xue Xiaochan’s article “Don’t Pick Fruits from Others’ Gardens” is about a woman who trusts her girlfriend to let goIn the end, she was deeply hurt by her. Although it would not break up her marriage and family, at least a woman would destroy all the good faith in love and marriage.

In my opinion, this is the biggest harm.

  Staggered a boyfriend, you can take off and throw it at any time like you take off a pair of unsuitable shoes.

And the more terrible thing than loving a man by mistake is staggering his girlfriend.

It is no exaggeration to mistake the future third party as a friend and say it is “raising tigers”.

Therefore, women should be careful, the more like-minded, the sister girlfriends, the more careful.

  Therefore, a female writer once said, “I will never introduce a girlfriend who is more beautiful and better than me to a man I love.” At that time, many readers criticized her, saying that she was too narrow-minded,But conversely, if this can protect a woman’s life’s love and soul, what is there to blame?