How do you look at your heart from your limbs?

These 5 methods can be completely

How do you look at your heart from your limbs?
These 5 methods can be completely

In communicating with a woman, you must not judge her by the language of the woman. Sometimes women are more reserved. Although she says unwillingly, in fact she already has 11 million in her heart.

Sometimes a woman has a bad heart. In this case, the body’s body language is used to analyze the woman’s true thoughts.

  So how do you look at a woman’s heart from her body language?

  First of all, we basically understand the movement of holding the chest with both hands. The meaning of this body movement is defense, especially during the negotiation, leaning back on the chair and holding the chest with both hands. Thoughtfully, trying to make the other party compromise and agree with yourself.

Therefore, during the date of her first acquaintance with the girl, if she moves her arms around her chest, it means that she has a precautionary mind, has not developed trust in the other party, and has not accepted the other party’s intentions.

  Secondly, the action of holding the cheeks with both hands represents the encounter, which often causes headaches.

During the date, if the girl has the action of holding her cheeks with her hands, this means that what she said to you made her feel embarrassed or did not understand what you said. There are many questions that you need to answer further.

  Third, lethargy and laziness means that the other party has no interest in you, your topic is too boring, and you want to leave as soon as possible to get out of this state.

During a date, if a girl is drowsy or lazy, she may have no interest in what you say. At this time, it is best to change the topic as soon as possible, or induce her to say something that makes people aware.Only in this way will the two sides further exchanges.

  Fourth, the action of touching the nose means that the other party can cover up their nervousness and anxiety. It is likely that the other party is lying to you. This action can calm down the emotions slightly.

If the girl accidentally touches her nose, it may be that she is not telling the truth to you or is trying to hide her true intentions.

So, when you see her nose touching, you can reserve your opinion or say nothing about her.

  Fifth, the movement of touching hair. If she touches her hair from time to time in the process of interacting with a woman, it shows that she is very interested in you, so you can go to the next step bravely.

The girl always touched her hair in her interaction with a boy, which shows that she was a little helpless and subconsciously covered her true feelings by touching her hair.

Therefore, when she saw that she was touching her hair, she could boldly make further contact, maybe she had a very unexpected gain.

  All in all, in the process of falling in love with a girl, some of her inner feelings will not be directly spoken, but some of her body language can truly reflect her inner feelings.

If you want to have a deeper relationship with her, you can observe some of her behaviors, so that you can know her true thoughts, which is conducive to gaining the initiative.