Fitness girls look over

Fitness girls look over

Aerobic exercises increase cardiopulmonary function and physical coordination, focus on the main body of exercise, and reduce the role of subcutaneous aunt.

  The fitness equipment is mainly used for muscle exercises. You can exercise your body from various angles to transform your aunt under the skin into muscles, thereby creating a perfect figure.

People with muscles have less chance of gaining weight.

  The metabolism capacity of muscles is 20 times higher than that of aunts, and the volume of muscles is only 1/7 of that of aunts, so muscle type people have less chance of gaining weight!

  This means muscles. When your muscles are increasing and adults are decreasing, you look thinner!

Unfortunately: When a woman reaches 30 years of age, the proportion of muscle content in her body becomes smaller and smaller.

Therefore, exercise equipment becomes more and more important to you.

  Prepare clothing before exercise: penetrate the air, elastic tight cotton sportswear, a pair of sports shoes.

(Sweat towel and high temperature.

) Three times a week training plan For most professional women, going to the gym every day seems to have some difficulties. If you go to exercise three times a week, it is still acceptable.

The following is a two-week exercise plan tailored for you by the experts. Try it out.

Take the time to practice: At least 2 different equipment should be used for each part, and different ways to exercise every week!

  The first week: Monday: aerobic exercises and lower extremity exercises.

  Wednesday: Aerobic exercises for mountain climbing and exercises for upper limbs.

  Friday: Aerobic exercises on the bike and lower limb exercises.

  Week 2: Monday: Aerobic exercises and upper limb exercises on the treadmill.

  Wednesday: Aerobic exercises and lower limb exercises.

  Friday: Aerobic exercises and upper limb exercises for climbing.

  Warming up from a quiet state to a state of exercise should have a transition. This transition is called warming up.

Warming up needs to move all parts of the body away to make the body hot, so as not to be injured during formal exercise.

  Speed: aerobic speed 80 steps per minute, muscle exercise speed 30 times per minute (48 times for thin people, 24 times for fat people).

  Time: 60 minutes (30 minutes of aerobic exercises and 30 minutes of muscle exercises).

  Weight: 1 pair of dumbbells, 6-10 pounds (heavier for thin people, lighter for fat people).

  Frequency: 12 times (eight times for lean people and 16 times for fat people).

  Number of groups: 3-4 groups, with a rest period of 30-60 seconds (thin people can do 2-3 groups, fat people can do 4-5 groups).

  Ending the compression exercise At the end of the exercise, you must do relaxation exercises to soothe the intense heartbeat, so that the circulatory system does not accelerate and decrease sharply and cause any discomfort.

Method: Slowly pull up the key exercise area, hold it for 10 seconds, adjust breathing, relax muscles, this is an essential part of your end of each exercise.