Be aware that these conditions may not suit you

Be aware that these conditions may not suit you

Massage, usually refers to the doctor’s use of his own hands to act on the patient’s body surface, the injured part, the discomfort, the specific acupoints, the painful place, the specific use of push, hold, press, rub, rub, pinch, pinchVarious methods such as, point, shoot, etc., with a view to dredge the meridians, promote qi and blood, help hurt and relieve pain, dispel evil and righteousness, and reconcile the effects of yin and yang.

  The principle of massage is to stimulate the human body’s meridian points to achieve the effects of relieving muscles and promoting blood circulation, and tongluo and analgesic.

  The indications for massage are very extensive, involving bone injuries, internal, women, children, facial features, neurological diseases, and also for weight loss, beauty and health care, etc., mainly pain on the neck, shoulders, waist, legs and insomnia., Headache, dizziness and other symptoms have obvious effects.

  Because massage has a significant effect on various diseases, the massage massage shops in the streets can be described as blooming.

The traditional Chinese medicine massage and massage treatments performed by the doctors are performed on the basis of medical diagnosis.

And some people without distance training have various hidden dangers caused by random massage complications. They often do not consider the pathology of the recipient, and it is difficult to grasp the contraindications. In this way, it can hurt the skin and soft tissues, and in the worst, it can cause nerves, bones, and even causeParalysis and death.

  Common contraindications for massage include: severe heart, brain, lung or extreme fatigue; patients with hematological disease with bleeding disease; patients with localized skin damage or skin disease; bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, severe osteoporosisIn the early stage of the fracture, the initial patients after reduction of joint dislocation; women’s menstrual period and more than 3 months of pregnancy; patients with suspicious or clearly diagnosed tumors of bones, joints or soft tissues; those with severe symptoms and unclear diagnosis.

  The above contraindications mostly refer to some of the massage treatments that are not suitable for massage. In the indication treatment of massage, attention should also be paid to the strength of the manipulation and the time of massage.

Many patients believe that the better the massage force preset, the longer the better.

In the general summary of “The Essentials of the Medical Doctor’s Jinjian · Orthopedic Heart Method”, “the method comes out of the hand, so that the patient does not know its suffering, and the method is also known.”Injuries and fatigue of the acupuncture points of the human body are just like the excessive triggering and complications caused by taking too much medicine or taking too long, but the results will be very poor.

In clinical practice, the massage should be controlled at about 20 minutes, and the whole body massage for adults can be up to half an hour to 45 minutes.