7 great body tricks to create a tempting curve


7 great body tricks to create a tempting curve

Jump boxes, drill pipes, and goats are the exercises we have done at school.

Now, this continuous exercise with cardio-pulmonary function and power coordination exercises can be practiced at home and in the bedroom, making boring fitness more fashionable, and letting you love fitness can move at any time and anywhere.

銆€銆€This set of 7 movements requires a simple fitness equipment such as skipping, volleyball, and dumbbells. In addition, you should pay attention to continuity during the practice. You can finish 7 movements in a row and you can’t have it during the practice.Intermittently, the practice time of each group of movements should be guaranteed for 30-60 seconds, so it is best to carry a stopwatch with you to ensure sufficient practice time.

銆€銆€If you are new to this type of exercise, you can repeat 2-3 groups at the beginning and wait until you can easily complete the exercise and increase the amount of exercise to 5 groups.

銆€銆€Abdominal exercises This group of abdominal exercises can effectively eliminate diabetic adults.

Lying on the back of the blanket, legs close together, lifted up, slightly bent.

Hold a volleyball with both hands, push the volleyball slowly from the thigh, and lift the upper body naturally upwards.

Wait until the volleyball is pushed to the calf, hold the position for 2 seconds, then let the ball roll back to the thigh, while the upper body returns to the original position, repeat the above action.

Note that the eyes should always keep an eye on the ball during the practice.

銆€銆€[Hint]: When the abdomen starts to have a sore feeling, don’t stop immediately. At this time, you can repeat the movement 5 times.

銆€銆€After each part of the exercise, you should use the skipping rope as a transition, because it can exercise the endurance, coordination, tension and alignment of the body, is the transition and warm-up exercises for the next set of movements.

銆€銆€When skipping the rope, you should match the correct posture: the upper arm and the elbow are close to the body, the arm is shaken by the force of the arm, and then the wrist shakes the rope.

The height of the jump should be as standard as the rope can just pass from the foot, while manually bending slightly.

A variety of different jumping methods should be used interchangeably, such as legs and jumps, single leg jumps, positive jumps, rebounds, etc.

Note that the head should be placed in the process of skipping the rope, and the eyes should look obliquely below, do not shrug.

銆€銆€[Hint]: Skipping can make people sweat a lot, and the heart beats faster. However, after skipping, the feet are separated for a while, so that they can stretch up and take a few deep breaths, and the heartbeat will slowly calm down.

銆€銆€Shoulder exercises through this set of exercises can shape the shoulder muscles and make them more flexible.

In the lunge position, the right leg is stepped back, the left leg is slightly bent, and the center of gravity is placed on the left leg.

Hold a 1-2 kg dumbbell in each hand, palms opposite, tilt slightly forward, then tilt to extend the elbows and fingers.

Be careful not to shrug when doing this action.

銆€銆€[Hint]: Repeating the exercise multiple times is more effective than increasing the weight of the dumbbell.

When the muscles are sore, you can tilt your arms forward in a normal position and repeat the movements.

銆€銆€Arm exercises This is a comprehensive strength exercise for the arms and shoulders.

In the lunge position, the left leg is stepped back and the right leg is slightly bent.

Hold both ends of the tension cord with both hands, the left arm naturally hangs down into the side of the body, and the right hand pulls one end of the tension cord diagonally to the upper right until the arm is at the same height as the shoulder.

Then slowly lower your right hand, return to the starting position, exchange your arms, and continue the above action.

銆€銆€[Tip]: Adjust the tension rope to the length that suits you before starting the exercise.

銆€銆€Correct practice Because of tolerance to the computer, human complications muscles are not easily relaxed in general practice, but the following set of exercises can stretch and exercise muscles, effectively relieving muscle tension.

銆€銆€Prone on the blanket, the tip of the nose is attached to the ground, the feet are straight, the arms are straight forward, and a pull cord is tightened with both hands.

Lift your face slightly, lift it up and lift the tension cord to the chin height, then lower your arm.

Note that the head and spine should be at the same height.

銆€銆€[Tip]: After the practice, put the traction rope, hands clasped, tilt forward, do relaxation exercise, and also effectively pull the ligament.

銆€銆€Leg exercises This group of jumping exercises can exercise endurance and coordination well.

銆€銆€Stand in place, skip to the right and repeat the action in the opposite direction.

Then move forward and jump backwards, noting that the jump is not too large.

After jumping for 20 seconds, you can speed up or slow down the rhythm of the jump and change the length of the jump distance.

銆€銆€[Hint]: Clamping while jumping can improve the difficulty of the action and also make the exercise achieve better results.

Shrink and bend when landing to protect the knee joint from injury.銆€銆€The best way to practice chest muscles in the chest is push-ups.

銆€銆€Prone on the mat, hands apart and shoulder width, support the ground.

Put your legs together, put your feet on your toes, hold your body up with your hands and toes as the fulcrum, wait until the arms and arms are 90掳, and raise your left leg when the arms are at the same height as your shoulders.

Note that the back end is straight when doing this action, looking at the ground.

銆€銆€[Hint]: Don’t give up the practice because you are not used to this action. This group of actions is less likely to cause a wrist injury.