Eat some food

Eat some food

The rice we usually eat is usually made with water.

If you add a bit of ingredients when cooking, not only will the flavor be unique, it will become a health effect, and some people introduce health food.

  Onion rice chopped onion, add a small amount of salt, after the water is boiling, put the rice together into the pot, cook on low heat and serve.

It has the effects of dilating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, preventing diseases, strengthening the stomach and helping digestion.

  The spinach rice is fried with onions first, then the cut spinach is poured in and stir-fried, then rice, tomato, salt, and pepper are added, and cooked over low heat.

It has the functions of protecting eyesight, nourishing yin and nourishing blood and moisturizing bowel.

  Tea rice Soak the right amount of tea in boiling water for a few minutes, and cook the rice with soaked tea.

It has the effects of treating cardiovascular diseases, preventing hypertension infectious diseases and losing weight and beautifying skin.

  Tomato juice rice first stir fry the onion, then add tomato juice and water, pour rice and cook.

With Shengjinzhike, Jianweixiaoshi and eyesight.

  Ginger Beef Rice Mince the appropriate amount of fresh beef and chop into minced meat, add ginger, soy sauce, peanut oil, etc. and mix well. When the rice in the pot is about to be cooked, pour it into the rice and simmer for another 15 minutes. SteamReady to eat.

If you eat regularly, it has the effect of relieving cold and strengthening the stomach and replenishing qi.

  Jujube Chicken Glutinous Rice 100 grams of jujube are pitted and chopped, and then the appropriate amount of chicken is cut into filaments, and the washed glutinous rice is put into a pot for cooking.

This kind of rice is sweet and fragrant, has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the body, especially the weakness of the spleen and the stomach, and the lack of appetite caused by the lack of qi and blood. It has a good auxiliary effect.