Four Yoga Raw Food Recipes

Four Yoga Raw Food Recipes

In the process of practicing yoga, you must pay attention to the choice of food.

First of all, light food can make you more healthy.

Today, I will teach you to make 4 recipes of yoga raw foods to make you a healthy beauty.

  Here I introduce to you several raw food diet recipes: (1) Vegetable (fruit) salad materials: Choose the type and quantity of vegetables (fruit) according to personal preference.

  Method: First, wash all vegetables that need to be used as materials and shred them (fruits are diced).

Then, put all the ingredients in a container of sufficient capacity, and finally, add salad dressing and mix thoroughly to serve.

  (2) Shredded green peppers: 250g green pepper, 25g each of soy sauce, vinegar, 5g salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil pigment.

  Method: Wash the green peppers and remove the pedicles.

Boil with boiling water again, drain off the water and cut into silk to serve; add soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, salt, drizzle with sesame oil and mix well.

  Recommended reason: Most vegetables contain an “interferon inducer”, which can promote human body to produce interferon, and the long sticks produce an anti-virus and anti-tumor immunity.

However, this “interferon inducer” is not resistant to high temperatures, so only by eating raw vegetables can this nutrient be retained through the ground.