Can children really lose weight if they exercise seriously?


Can children really lose weight when they exercise seriously?

Many people choose to exercise to lose weight. Exercise should be coordinated in all parts of the body, and pay attention to rest (including muscle rest) and nutritional supplements. Can exercise really lose weight?

Many people habitually believe that children can lose weight if they exercise hard, so as to avoid becoming a “chubby pier.”


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銆€銆€Professor John of the University of Glasgow, UK?

The research team led by Riley allowed 545 obese children to participate in three sports sessions 30 minutes a week outside of normal activities, while encouraging parents to have more activities at home.

銆€銆€The researchers measured the child’s body mass index (BMI) six months and one year later, and found that the data did not decrease.

The body mass index is equal to the kilogram of body weight divided by the square of the height, which is an important indicator of whether it is overweight.

銆€銆€Riley said that this means that children’s exercise alone must be linked to weight loss. “Maybe children need more exercise and continue to be more continuous in order to play a significant role.” “It may be necessary to change other behaviors, including eating habits.

“Children’s obesity is getting more and more attention from the medical community and the public.

Studies have shown that overweight children tend to bring the increasing trend of obesity into adulthood, and there is a consensus that there is a link between body obesity and complications such as diabetes and hypertension.