OL new decompression plan list method

OL new decompression plan list method

In order to leave a good impression on the recruiting company during the interview, some college graduates spend hundreds or even thousands of yuan to buy suits, shirts, ties, etc.

However, the reporter found in the investigation that because college students did not know enough about different corporate cultures, some people were rejected by the recruitment unit because they were too formal.

  I’m looking for a student who is looking for a job: Buying a formal dress is necessary to invest in a clothing wholesale market near Qinghe. The reporter encountered a senior student who replaced Beijing Information Engineering College.

They are buying suits.

It is understood that students’ homes are not affluent, and suits of two or three hundred yuan are considered luxury items for them.

“You also need to buy shirts, ties, socks, and leather shoes. That would cost four or five hundred yuan.

“But they said that suits are needed for interviews, and this part of the cost is necessary.

  When reporters visited several universities in Beijing, they found that students of different majors showed different attitudes on whether to buy suits.

Students in economic management majors said that formal attire is a must for interviews, and the acceptable price is around 600 yuan.

And many engineering students such as computer science think that for technical positions, the dress can be slightly casual during the interview.

“However, if you are applying for a job, you should still wear a suit or suit.

“An information engineering student told reporters.

  Business: To be in line with corporate culture. The reporter learned from Toyota that participating in Japanese-funded companies’ interviews is a common practice for boys to wear suits and girls to wear suits.

Whatever position you absolutely apply for, as long as you attend the interview, you must wear formal attire.

A staff member recruited by Zhilian told reporters that European and American companies are more relaxed about the dress requirements when applying.

  An advertising company’s personnel department told reporters that different companies and industries have different cultures, and the same thing may be bad.

He said that because the advertising company’s overall style is lighter, employees dress more casually.

One time, a female college student who came for an interview wore a professional suit.

“My colleagues and I were wearing T-shirts and slacks, and the girl looked like she was interviewing us.

The girl behaved very cautiously because she found that her dress was out of step with the company.

In the end, the female college student was not accepted.

In fact, she is a graduate of a prestigious university and is in good condition, but her dress has reduced her.

“Experts: You can’t go out of the world with all your clothes.” For this phenomenon, experts from the Beijing University Employment Guidance Center analyzed that the basic requirements for college students to participate in interviews are simple and elegant, and they must also consider the needs of different companies.

“For businesses like banks, it’s best to dress up.

However, state-owned enterprises’ requirements for employees are to do things in a down-to-earth manner, so dressing too formal or gorgeous will leave a bad impression on the company.

“The expert’s suggestion is that before the interview, you should visit the overall integration of the applicant company from the Internet or the field. You should not think that formal dress is the most secure, and you should wear it everywhere you apply.

“You shouldn’t let clothes cover up the vigor and vitality of college students.