Advocating Nature’s Preferred Plant Skin Care

Advocating Nature’s Preferred Plant Skin Care

Guide: Keeping the skin naturally acidic and basic is what all ages should do.

Do not use too many chemicals to destroy the skin’s natural pH.

If you want good skin, plant skin care is the first choice. Facial care products are also based on simple lotions. They should be as clear as possible, so as not to burden the skin too much.

Plant-based skin care has become the choice of many people today.

  At this age, the skin is not completely mature, so don’t impose extra nutrition to increase the burden on the skin, nor do you want to control the oil, which will artificially destroy its natural barrier.

At this time, the skin and circulation function are very good, and only some work to protect the epidermis from contamination can make the skin healthier.

  I heard your skincare steps are simple?

  Ma Tianyu: It’s very simple. I only have a cleansing milk and a bottle of lotion in my cosmetic bag.

But I always prefer plant-based skin care products.

Dermatologists have suggested that I use natural products so that my skin’s ability to repair itself is maintained well.

  Ma Tianyu: Too many skincare steps will consume my time.

Many friends think that skin care is very fun, so I added myself early: various skin cleansing products, various essences, and various skin creams are being tried.

Because my skin is still healthy at this time, I don’t want to rely on these products prematurely. I want my skin to stay in a natural state.

  Message from the editor: Nowadays, almost life advocates natural environmental protection, and even beauty skin care advocates advocating nature, and plant skin care is preferred.