Flu vaccine is scarce, how to prevent flu

Flu vaccine is scarce, how to prevent flu

In the winter of 2018, there was a phenomenon of “supply in short supply” for flu vaccines. This year, relevant departments strengthened the supervision of vaccine production; the original vaccine manufacturers have successively withdrawn from production, affecting the supply.

How should we prevent the flu ourselves when flu vaccines are in short supply?

  Why is the flu “about winter?”

“Dry and cold air in winter makes virus particles more viable and easier to spread.

Coupled with the cold climate, people stay indoors longer, and the probability of contact between people increases.

Thus aggravating the spread of influenza virus.

  Winter weather is cold, people spend more time indoors, people ‘s diet and exercise structure are affected, vitamin D levels in the body are reduced, and immunity against influenza viruses is reduced.

  It is urgent to treat colds and prevent flu. In recent days, the National Health Commission issued the “National Influenza Prevention and Control Plan (Trial)” to comprehensively strengthen influenza prevention and control.

It’s urgent to treat colds and prevent flu!

The latest version of the Health Commission’s “Influenza Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (2018 Edition)” requires that antiviral drugs be used in a timely manner for the treatment and prevention of influenza.

The plan also requires that in the prevention of influenza, Chinese medicine should give full play to the advantages of correcting physical factors, dialectical treatment, and wide adaptability to improve the effect!

  According to Zhong Nanshan’s team research, Baiyunshan Banlangen granules not only have a significant inhibitory effect on foot and mouth disease, influenza A, avian influenza and other various influenza viruses, but also have a variety of influenza virus subtypes, which can inhibit the virus from adsorbing on the human body.In normal cells, the influenza virus cannot enter cells under the resistance of Baiyunshan Banlangen, indicating that the preventive effect of Baiyunshan Banlangen may be more important than treatment.

  Personal protection requires good public health management. In addition to vaccination and antiviral treatment, personal protection measures must be taken, such as washing hands frequently and drying hands; good respiratory hygiene habits, cover when coughing or sneezing.Mouth and nose, use paper towels, and handle paper towels properly after use; isolate yourself as soon as possible when you feel discomfort, fever and other flu symptoms; avoid close contact with patients; avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth, etc., which can effectively prevent infection orSpread the flu virus.

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