Draw the ugliest self

Draw the ugliest self

Sabenzhe is the super-rich man of contemporary Turkey, whose estates and industries cover most of the land.

  However, this rich man has a surprising quirk.

He supports a group of the best cartoonists in Turkey. In a luxurious hall, he lets this group of cartoonists do whatever they want to paint his cartoons of Sabenzhe. Whoever draws the ugliest Sabenzhe will get greatA bonus.

As a result, every ugly place in Sabenzhe was magnified and exaggerated infinitely.

This group of cartoonists pondered all day long, excavating the “flash point” of Sa Benzhe, and even a small jaw was transformed into the work of a crow.

He was happy. He saw that he was different before wine, flowers, applause and praise.

  What the public does not understand is that some people say that Sa Benzhe is very different, some people say that Sa Benzhe is very funny, some people say that Sa Benzhe is very humorous, some people say that Sa Benzhe likes the real, some people say that Sa BenzhePunish yourself.

  However, I think Sabenzhe is doing a kind of psychological gymnastics.

The prime minister has a son and a daughter, and unfortunately both have been mentally handicapped.

The truth of reality is always cruel.

The ordeal of life means giving you choices-those you don’t want to make.

  Draw the ugliest self, accept it little by little.

If you are still so happy to see the ugliest self, it means that you have successfully trained yourself to fall in love with the regrets in life.

Yes, it is ugly, but you must love it.

The breadth of life is accepting facts that would rather die than accept.