Chinese medicine health recipes are healthy and slimming


Chinese medicine health recipes are healthy and slimming

Women must always be beautiful and healthy.

We must also lose weight when we lose weight.

Let’s take a look at the recommended slimming recipes for everyone!

銆€銆€Slimming is a health theme, but it is important to remind everyone that health is the basic principle. Slimming should also be done. It does not promote bone beauty, because skin beauty is usually at the expense of low immunity.

Therefore, while introducing the slimming and fat-removing diet, remind everyone to pay attention to not over-diet, and properly allocate the appropriate degree of exercise, which can give you a satisfactory state.

銆€銆€Balanced nutrition is the key to diet. How to reduce the small amount of transformation on the basis of achieving balanced nutrition, transforming the effect with half the effort, beautiful and not rejecting food, good body and not hungry, in fact, as long as scientific knowledge of diet nutrition, all thisNot difficult.

銆€銆€Simple, low-fat, delicious. a good figure can not be less.

Of course, reasonable exercise will give you unexpected results.

銆€銆€Commonly used Chinese herbal medicines that can eliminate cellulite: hawthorn, huangjing, glutinous rice, cassia seed, eucommia, etc. It must be stated that not all cellulite foods can be used, which is why some people take slimming tea effects.Very good, some people have no effect at all. The Chinese doctor said that “different from person to person” is the truth.

銆€銆€Therefore, different cellulite foods are recommended for different constitutions.

銆€銆€Detoxification medicinal diet recommended by friends with chilly constitution: Cinnamon ginger soup (cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar) is a hot physique. It is suitable for friends who have symptoms of dry stool. Xiaozhi Mung Bean Soup (Hawthorn, Psyllium, Rhubarb), Astragalus, mung bean, brown sugar) For fat friends with obvious increase in blood lipids, after clearing the cold or damp heat, you can also regularly eat the following therapeutic methods to obtain better blood lipids: 绐堢獣鍐矇姹?鏉滀徊,灞辨,鏋告潪, 榛勭簿,濮? rice wine, tenderloin, winter powder, celery), Cassia green tea drink (Cassia, hawthorn, medlar, dried tangerine peel, green tea, rock sugar) health slimming porridge: lotus seed white porridge, this porridge can prevent aging, andIt has the effect of whitening and swelling, reducing wrinkles.

The lotus seeds are soaked in boiling water, immersed in glutinous rice and glutinous rice for more than 30 minutes. All the raw materials are boiled with porridge with one or two of the previous rice, and can be seasoned with honey before use.

銆€銆€Lily yam porridge, the lily is first boiled, the slag is taken from the juice, and the previous rice is added, and the yam block is cooked until the yam is cooked.

銆€銆€Bairen Anshen porridge: Baiziren and ginseng are cooked together. Three bowls of water are boiled to two bowls. The mushrooms are diced and saut茅ed. Add the shredded pork. Stir-fry until the pork is ripe. Add the medicine juice and water to the three bowls.Porridge, rice cooked, moderate seasoning, plus celery at the end.