Wanpeng health: autumn and winter health, these kinds of anti-dry food can not be less!


Wanpeng health: autumn and winter health, these kinds of anti-dry food can not be less!

Twenty-four solar terms frost–“September seventy-two waiting for a set of solutions” “In mid-September, the gas is condensed, and the knot is frost.”

“The frost is the last solar term in the fall.

This year’s frostfall will arrive on October 23rd at 19:22:18, and the arrival of the frost will mean that winter is about to begin.

At the time of the frosty season, health care is particularly important. There is a saying in the folks that 鈥渙ne year is perfect, it is better to make up the frost鈥? which shows the impact of this solar term on people.

When the frost falls for three times, the sacred beasts are waiting for the second time. The grasses are yellow and fall. The locusts are salty and the frost is falling. The persimmon frost is falling. Some places have to eat persimmons. The persimmons can not only keep warm and keep warm, but also make up bones.

Persimmons are generally fully mature before and after the frost. At this time, the persimmon skin is delicious and has high nutritional value, but it should be noted that it should be stopped.

Red leaves “Frost leaves red in February flowers.”

After the frost fell, the trees such as maple and sassafras were soaked in the autumn frost, and they began to turn red and yellow in the mountains and fields.

Everyone is generally out of the mountain and enjoy the scenery.

In the winter, the folks have a statement that “the winter is not as good as the frost.”

People think that it is more important to “complement the yang” and “fill the frost”, and “autumn supplement” is more important than “winter supplement”.

Therefore, during the frost season, the folks have the custom of 鈥渟immering mutton鈥? 鈥渟mashing the head of the sheep鈥? and 鈥渨elding the rabbit meat鈥?

There are also “Four Treasures” in the medical books, and the “Bazhen” supplements and mutton mutton can be used to treat lung diseases and malaria.

Frost fall health frost as the last solar term in autumn, when the weather is getting cold, autumn dry is obvious, Chinese medicine believes that “dry and easy to hurt Tianjin”, so experts pointed out that anti-autumn dry, cold is the focus of health protection during the frost.

Anti-autumn dry and dry evil hurts the body fluid, the body fluid is consumed, there will be dryness, manifested as dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, constipation, dry skin and so on.

Therefore, you should eat more sesame, honey, white fungus, green vegetables, apples, bananas, etc.

In this solar term, it is not suitable for everyone to “autumn”, the climate in autumn is changeable, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the heat and cold are often unpredictable. Therefore, clothes should be added or removed according to changes in external temperature, and outdoor activities should be appropriately increased.

Especially for the elderly with poor resistance, they should pay attention to the weather changes in time, and increase or decrease the clothes on time to avoid the invasion of the evil spirits and cold evils, causing the yin and yang disorders of the body and causing diseases.

When the TCM health cream falls, it belongs to the soil in the five elements. According to the viewpoint of TCM health conservation, it is supplemented in the four seasons (the spring must be supplemented, the summer must be replenished, the summer must be replenished, the autumn must be replenished, and the winter must be replenished)In the mutual relationship, at this time, it belongs to the same soil as Changxia, so it should be based on the principle of light supplement and flat supplement, and it should be appropriate to supplement the blood to nourish the stomach, which means to adjust the day after tomorrow.

How to eat frost and how to eat and drink: At this time, Yiping should pay attention to spleen and stomach, adjust liver and kidney, eat more spleen and nourishing yin and moisten food, corn, radish, chestnut, autumn pear, lily, honey, HuaishanMedicine, milk cabbage, beef, chicken, loach, etc. are all suitable choices; eat less onions, ginger, garlic, peppers and other spicy foods to prevent heat and heat, increase autumn dryness.

Chinese medicine: due to the time, suitable for people, it is recommended that under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners, appropriate American ginseng, Fengdou, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Taizishen, Beishashen, Ophiopogon japonicus, Yuzhu, Huangjing, Baix,Mulberry leaves, schisandra and other Chinese medicines that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs to regulate the body.

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