Eliminate dark circles in just 10 minutes_1

Eliminate dark circles in just 10 minutes

The formation of dark circles does not happen overnight. Elimination also requires “long years”. Be patient.

But when I was here, I was anxious to come back beautifully. Of course, there are also quick-acting slowing and covering methods.


hzh {display: none; }  青春黑眼圈休息循环运动  有没有仔细观察过,黑眼圈也有不同的“病症”,有一种像是“乌青”,从内里透出来的,微微泛蓝.
This panda eye is not a skin problem, or even a deeper microvascular problem. There are basically three types of -1, and blood circulation is not smooth.

  Oxygen consumption of red blood cells increases, there is too much red blood cells with hypoxia, and blood stagnation.

Look at the fracture of the elbow. Why is the vein blue?

It is because the blood circulation is slow.

Lack of sleep is the main culprit of cell hypoxia and poor circulation, so sleeping well is the most effective way to improve dark circles.

Another big factor for improving dark circles is exercise, including whole body and local.

Girls get cold hands and feet in winter, usually because of lack of exercise and poor microcirculation, resulting in the formation of dark circles around the eyes, strengthen exercise to improve microcirculation.

At the same time, local exercise is more important. Frequent eye exercises are performed, and turning the eyeballs up and down, left and right is very beneficial for strengthening the microcirculation of the eyes.

  2, thick capillaries.

  Some people are born with dark circles, which may be a genetic cause.

Eye skin is very thin, of course, especially if the natural capillaries are relatively large.

This kind of dark circles is a bit “unhelpful”, you can go to the hospital to try laser surgery.

Some thick capillaries are formed the day after tomorrow. Sometimes long-term blood circulation is not smooth, and the capillaries become thickened due to spots, or long-term drinking will also cause blood vessels to dilate. This is the same reason as drinking flushes.

Drink in moderation to promote circulation, but don’t overdo it. At the same time, use some eye creams that can promote circulation, such as Biotherm Eye Oxygen Purifying Lotion ①, OLAY Whitening Brightening Eye Essence Lotion ②.

They all have detoxifying effects, a cooling sensation can constrict blood vessels, and it is more effective to correct dark circles.

But keep in mind that improving dark circles is a “tug-of-war” and you cannot give up for a while.

  3. Fracture of blood vessels.

  This is a more serious degree, a bit because “internal bleeding” and “Wu Qing block” is a principle.

Severe blood stasis can cause this rupture. There are two other conditions that can easily lead to fragile rupture of capillaries, namely rhinitis and smoking.

You can see that people with rhinitis not only have dark circles under their eyes, but also the middle of the nose bridge is a bit blue. The first is poor circulation, and more importantly, long-term replacement and wiping actions can cause huge damage.

Smoking can cause poor circulation and weak blood vessels. Everyone knows this, so you can stop smoking or not.

  Quickly remove “Panda’s Eye” If you have to go to work the next day after staying up late, or rush to attend an important party, the elimination of dark circles is not a day or two thing, is there any emergency remedy?

  For half an hour, remove the makeup first. While washing your face, gently pat the eyes with a warm towel to open the circulation, and then immediately apply cold water to the eyes to stimulate the contraction of blood vessels.

Then make an eye mask to replenish the eyes with moisture while making the eyes feel soothing.

When applying eye cream, gently insert around the eye circles, the process of clicking is relatively slow, silent number 1, 2, 3, but also slower when popping up, the same light number 1, 2, 3.

Finally, drop some eye drops that have a cooling and calming effect to moisturize the eyes. Do not leave them dry and difficult to rotate.

  Cover for ten minutes. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, lightly apply concealer or liquid foundation on the edges of the dark circles, and gently spread inward from the edges of the dark circles. Note that the edges of the dark circles are the focus.If you pass it, if the inside of the ring is too white, or it causes a polishing effect, your eyes will feel swollen.

Enhance the makeup of the upper half of the eyes, such as eyelashes, eyeliners, etc., and add white highlights to the brow bones, which can divert people’s attention from dark circles.

  The above is a kind of dark circles that young people are more likely to have, and another type of dark circles is that older people are more likely to exist.

This kind of dark circles are often dark brown, and the shades are not uniform. At first glance, it is a skin problem. There are also three reasons for this dark circles. The makeup of the melanin deposits on the eyes is very heavy.If the makeup is not removed enough, the accumulated melanin will really scare people and form dark spots on the eyes. In fact, it is dark circles. Look at the edges of your upper and lower eyelids.

Therefore, you must take care of your makeup every day. You can choose a special makeup remover for the eyes and lips. Pour the makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply it on the eyes for 5 seconds to “melt” the makeup. Then gently wipe it off, then use a cotton swab.Remove makeup from the details, such as the eyelids, corners, etc.

When you wash your face, you should also focus on cleaning. After washing, it is recommended to use a cotton swab to clean the details again. This will completely clean it. Pay attention to the gentle movements.

If you already have melanin, you can use some whitening eye cream.

If you can use some whitening serum before the eye cream, the effect will be more significant.  2. There is also a pigment of melanin, which is melanin pigment.

Because the skin of the eyes is extremely thin, it is also very weak. Once exposed to ultraviolet rays, the skin will activate its own “protective device”-melanin pigment to resist, so this pigment used to protect the skin becomes dark circles。Therefore, the eyes must be sunscreen. You can choose a physical sunscreen for the eyes; you can also choose a foundation with a sun protection index and a foundation to protect the sun. Of course, the eye cream itself contains a sun protection index.

  3. Dry and suspend.

  The other kind of dark circles is actually not dark but dark.

Winter dry eye skin looks particularly opaque.

After washing your hands, apply lotion on one hand and leave it on the other. You will notice that the color will be different. In fact, it is not the color, but the skin that is plumped and moisturized will naturally be brighter.

The slack eye skin is uneven, uneven, and dull because of the relationship of light refraction. It is naturally different from old hands and young hands, so if there are bags under the eyes, it will often cause blackness.Visual perception of the eye circles.

Therefore, if you are in this category, you must choose some eye creams with high moisturizing, repairing, and moisturizing degrees. These eye creams tend to be thicker, oilier, and more suitable for evening use. At the same time, strengthen the technique to help massageabsorb.