New law for white-collar job hunting online

New law for white-collar job hunting online

The reporter learned from Mr. Zhang, who has just changed jobs, that Mr. Zhang was also one of the hundreds of thousands of job seekers in Beijing. Within a month, he had submitted at least 30 job resumes on several recruitment sites, but most of themIt was Shi Shenhai, no news, and the only two interview opportunities were also passed by the personnel interviewer for some reasons.

In disappointment, Mr. Zhang learned from his colleagues another way to find a job. He went to the business network to meet managers and find job opportunities.

In just one week, Mr. Zhang met Mr. Li, a marketing manager of a certain company, on the and reached a consensus in the communication. With the introduction of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang successfully participated in the interview and was finally accepted by the company.

Mr. Zhang sighed to reporters, “The network resources are too important. If I haven’t met noble people, I may not have found this ideal job.

“According to this, the current domestic like Zhizhi Network (binzhi.

com) This kind of real business networking platform is rare. Business networking has become an important way for urban white-collar workers to find jobs, talents and business partners.

After all, it’s hard to find the ideal job with the possibility of asking friends to help find a job and putting in a resume.

There are hundreds of thousands of business managers in Penzhi Business Network, and there are also many personnel managers. Making such friends will definitely be an excellent shortcut for changing jobs.

  It is said that the latest survey report released by the China Internet Information Center shows that online job search has become the primary way for young white-collar workers to seek jobs, and the gap between the supply and demand of online recruitment and job search is still very wide.

According to the relevant personage of the Zhizhiwang, since the Spring Festival, there have been peak visits. Many people are looking for job opportunities at the Zhizhiwang. At the same time, many managers of corporate personnel departments have posted their recruitment positions on the Zhizhiwang.Expect to find the right talent.

  Zhu Zhilu, president of said that job search is one of the major functions of the business network. However, in order to ensure the quality of business members, Binzhi has implemented a personal account activation system.

  Finding job opportunities on the Business Network has become a new shortcut to change jobs and a new platform for expanding business network friends.

According to surveys, many white-collar workers have tried this new approach.