Rate 8 Popular Makeup Removers

Rate 8 Popular Makeup Removers

“Father of cleansing oil” Shu Uemura has a famous saying: “Perfect makeup starts with cleaning and finally cleansing.”

JMS, who usually loves makeup, must not omit the step of removing makeup, especially the pores open in summer, it is easy to leave dirt.

The cleansing oil was not very eye-catching in the past, but in the past two years, it quickly became the best-selling champion in the cleaning market and the most popular cleaning product.

The following editors introduce you to the most sought-after and best makeup remover products to keep your skin cool and relaxed for a summer.


hzh {display: none; }  1、植村秀洁颜油  参考价格:700元/450ml  使用肤质:所有肤质  产品介绍:是植村秀大投入的一款产品,含有高科技的天然原料和独特配方,能够It quickly penetrates into the skin, penetrates into the pores, and exerts a cleansing effect. It can remove oil-soluble dirt and handle a small amount of dirt. It can safely remove makeup for the skin.

  Cleanliness: ★ ★ ★ Moisturizing degree: ★ ★ Reaching water: a big bottle, can be used for a long time.

The color looks great and the taste is fragrant.

The makeup removal effect is good. If you apply a strong makeup, you can remove it twice. It feels very easy on the skin and does not feel too greasy.

The only drawback is that it is too irritating to the eyes. In addition, girls who like to change cosmetics often are a bit wasteful to buy this.

  2, DHC makeup remover reference price: 198 yuan / 200ml Product introduction: It is a very well-known one of Dicuishi products. The product contains rosemary and other plant ingredients, which can penetrate into the pores and bring the dirt in the pores.Out and eliminate aging cutin, with precipitation, no fragrance, no pigment.

  Cleanliness: ★★★★ Reaching water: This is my first product using makeup remover. The cleaning effect is very good, very clean, emulsified quickly when mixed with water, and the face is very soft after use, butIt’s still a little greasy, you need to wash your face again with a cleansing product, and the blackhead removal effect it says is basically not reflected.

  3, Free Breath FREEDAY SKIN Eye and Lip Gentle Makeup Remover Reference Price: 86 yuan / 120ml Product Introduction: Contains a variety of plant ingredients such as olive oil and natural flower extracts, has a natural affinity for the skin, and can effectively wash away the eyes and eyes.Lip makeup is gentle, non-greasy and non-irritating. After use, the eyes are relaxed, the lips are moisturized, and the skin on the eyes is not relaxed, leaving lips full and without burden.

  Cleanliness: ★★★★ Moisturizing degree: ★★★ Reaching water: Can quickly wash off makeup in a few seconds. It can be removed only once. Smokey makeup is best used twice. After use, you can use no cleaning supplies.No greasy feeling.

The swivel bottle does not waste, it is very delicate.

The taste is very fragrant, the lips are fragrant after use, and the price is more acceptable.

  4, L’Oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Reference Price: 150 yuan / 100ml Skin Type: All Skin Types, Sensitive Eyes Product Introduction: Can remove the most long-lasting makeup, and is also suitable for waterproof eyes and lipsMake-up with a gentle de-makeup formula.

Clean and not irritating.

  Cleanliness: ★★★★ Moisturizing degree: ★★★ Reaching water: I like to use waterproof makeup, L’Oreal is very effective, but I need to use it twice before using face wash. In fact, this product is waterproofUseful eyeliner mascara.

  5, Birou Birou deep cleansing makeup remover.

hzh {display: none; }  参考价格:75元/150ml   产品介绍:有深层卸妆成份,清爽不油腻,能够深入到皮肤里清除彩妆残余,不油不腻让肌肤感觉自然和温和。   Moisturizing degree: ★ Reaching water: I personally like the smell of this makeup remover. The faint fruit fragrance makes makeup removal a happy thing. It is almost impossible and will not irritate the skin, but my skin is not allergic.But, after using for a long time, the skin will become dry, so pay attention to moisturizing.

  6, Za Ji Rui Deep Cleansing Oil Reference Price: 58 yuan / 100ml Skin Type: Any Skin Type, Hypoallergenic Product Introduction: Mild texture, can effectively remove makeup, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara, press appropriate amount with waterFusion, and then a full body massage can not only wash off makeup, but also soften blackheads.

  Daring water: It feels more oily, you must wash it with cleanser after use, but the effect is very good, it is mild and non-irritating, but I always get it in my eyes.Feeling irritating.

The overall cost performance is ok.

  7. Maybelline Maybelline Clear and Cleansing Cleansing Oil Reference Price: 49 yuan / 70ml Product introduction: · Gives plant active peptides and antioxidants to help eliminate deep filth of the skin · Urban skin appears clearer, more energetic, and restores breath?

More effective-thoroughly and gently remove makeup, while effectively protecting the protective layer of urban skin, the sebum layer.


Gentle-balance skin pH, effectively condition skin.

  Cleanliness: ★ ★ ★ ★ Moisturizing degree: ★ Reaching water: high cost performance, makeup removal effect is also good, emulsified in water will not blindfold, but there is a little irritation, I do not know why.

  8, private Heilongtang makeup remover reference price: 65 yuan / 200ml Product introduction: It is a very cheap deep makeup remover, 250ml large capacity.

Without adding fragrance and color, using natural mineral oil, eucalyptus oil and citrus oil, can completely dissolve sebum dirt and residual makeup.

  Moisturizing degree: ★ Reaching water: Cost-effective is good, a bottle can be used for a long time.

And although it is a cleansing oil, it does not feel very oily, and it has a lemon scent. It is very fresh and the makeup is clean.

However, the skin feels a little tight after use.