Gay bar news

Gay bar news

I have been looking forward to it for a long time and want to see what will be there.

Perhaps the novel has been read a lot, and some stories that seem to live but are drunk and dreamy are left in my mind, always lingering. When I really see gay, I am disappointed, even lonely, which makes me doubt those windsHua Xueye’s story is not from the imagination of other lonely people.

  You can hardly say that sympathy for those seemingly glamorous men is out of courtesy, civilization, or self-pity, even my reason tells me: everyone has the right to choose, as long as his behavior does not harm othersinterest.

But when they walked by your hands in a pinch, or sang the love song of a little girl or an old woman with karaoke, I really wanted the beer bottle in my hand to pass, and I also wanted to scold it.Zhiyu & * . Actually, I know that many of them are not like this in the usual way, they are just like every ordinary person we meet next to the bus and in the store, and once here, get completely relaxedAfterwards, it was like a clockwork puppet, shaking their hips and soul as instinctively as possible.

This huge difference made me feel scared. I began to think, is it possible that everyone around us may hide the mask?

Like the heroines in Haiyan’s novels, behind the beauty and tranquility, there is a mysterious and complex past?

When thinking about such a problem, another terrible question jumped out: Isn’t every gay heart longing for indulgence?

What about me?

Do I also like to indulge myself like that crazy, a little nervous, like a fool, no matter how I comfort myself, I can’t cheat myself.

  Some loneliness cannot be relieved. The more you want to scale it, the more lonely you will become.

Longing for love is a lot of gay loneliness. The more you look for it, the easier it will be for you to discourage, watching those who sit quietly in the corner, smoke and smoke beer, and then leave quietly.Sighing, compared with those who are drunk and dreaming, they may be even more unable to avoid the lonely prisoner car, or maybe they are still obsessed with thinking that love is at the next corner, and naively think that as long as they are sincere, love will come.

I often want to say: Marriage speed dating may be long-lasting, love speed dating, and breakups may be exchanged.

For those who are looking for love, it is better to be on the road, the feeling may be their favorite, and longing is also a kind of happiness, because at least it proves that happiness is ahead.

  There are also some people who do not seek love or anesthetize themselves. They just want to obtain sexual satisfaction without destroying marriage and place. Once they are satisfied, they will retreat and disappear for a month, or longer.Until the next time I was tempted.

Occasionally they will also tell that they endure the life of a mask, but this emotion is like the soot engulfed by flames, and disappears instantly. Inside the cold outside is a broken heart, the body is just a decoration.I always sympathize with people.

  I do n’t plan to go again, I feel very uncomfortable. I am not a person who can completely put down everything and experience the feeling of falling regardless of everything. In a place full of temptation, the moral defense of people is easy to collapse. I am afraid of the cold abyss, so IRefusing to fall, no matter how much I like the infinite pleasure of falling, the end of indulgence is the abyss.