[How to stew bird’s nest for pregnant women]_Pregnancy_How to stew

[How to stew bird’s nest for pregnant women]_Pregnancy_How to stew

The bird’s nest has very good nutritional and health effects. It is a valuable tonic. If pregnant women eat a little bird’s nest in their lives, it will have a good effect on improving immunity. It is also good for the development of obesity.There are many more methods. Usually, papaya stewed bird’s nest can be embedded, or fresh milk stewed bird’s nest, etc., all have relatively good nourishing effects.

First, Binghua sweet official bird material: 40 grams of dried bird’s nest, 300 grams of rock sugar, 1400ml of water; Practice: 1, soak the bird’s nest according to the above method, drain the water and use a bowl to hold it.

2. Dry the bird’s nest over water for 15 minutes.

3, boil 1400ml of water, boil under sugar.

In the meantime, remove the foam.

Then add bird’s nest.

4. After the bird’s nest tumbling, the hot food can be served, or it can be served cold after refrigeration.

Second, papaya stewed bird’s nest material: 50 grams of water-sweetened bird’s nest, 1 papaya, 25 grams of rock sugar, 50 grams of white fungus, 250cc of clear water; Practice: 1. Wash the papaya, cut it horizontally with a slotted knife, and dig out the inside andGrains are ready for use.

2. Tremella, rock sugar, add water to the pot, boil over medium heat until thick, beat off the residue and leave the juice.

3. Add the bird’s nest that has been made to the boiled white fungus soup, mix well and pour into the papaya, steam it in the basket for 15 minutes, and remove and place it on a plate.

Third, the bird’s nest milk stewed bamboo silk chicken soup material: 150 grams of wet bird’s nest wet hair, light-bodied bamboo chicken, 750ml of clear chicken soup, 500ml of fresh milk, ginger 3 pieces Method: 1, soak the bird’s nest in warm water and set aside.

2. Slightly rub the skin around the skin with salt, remove the internal organs, wash, and drain the water.

3, chicken, ginger slices, clear chicken soup, add the same into the tile stew pot.

Cover and steam for about 2 1/2 hours. Add fresh milk, bird’s nest, and simmer for another 20 minutes.

4. Season with salt, bird’s nest, chicken and fresh milk.

Fourth, Cixi beauty fresh cheese materials: 8 scallops (soaked and unscrambled, 60 grams of hair gelatin) (shred, 30 grams of shredded yan, strips of 8 yuan money strips, 1 bowl of fresh milk, 4 egg whites, Serve 1 bowl of soup.

Practices: 1. Stir fresh milk, protein and soup first, and steam for about 7-8 minutes; turn into fresh cheese; set aside; 2. Boil a simmer of water and blanch the tape slightly;Add 2 tablespoons of oil, add strips of strips, shredded gelatine, scallops and stir-fry, and finally add chopped swallow and raw flour to water. 4. Finally, take out the steamed fresh cheese and pour the sauce on top.