Healthy and ethical – teach you home knowledge


Healthy and ethical: teach you home knowledge


Ice block pain relief When you accidentally fingertips plunged into a small thorn, you need to use a needle to remove, you can first freeze the fingertips on the ice to numb, and then do not feel pain when puncturing.


When ice cubes stop bleeding on the surface of the skin or subcutaneously, the ice is applied to the bleeding site to help clotting.


There is an itchy block on the ice itch and it is easy to get infected by scratching, and the more itching, the more itchy. If it is cold with ice, the itch can be completely eliminated.


If you accidentally burn your hands, you can put the ice in the basin, and then put the burns in the basin or the cold pack, which will not only relieve pain but also prevent redness and blisters.


Ice cubes inhibit bacteria Because ice cubes have antibacterial and bactericidal effects, freezing the infected parts with ice cubes can effectively prevent bacterial growth and wound infection.

銆€銆€Safflower, egg treatment acute waist sprain taken safflower 6 grams, two eggs.

Rinse the safflower slightly, put it into the stirred egg liquid, place it in a stainless steel wok and fry it (without salt). Once a day, it has a good relief effect on acute lumbar sprain.

銆€銆€Bread, don’t buy some soft, soft bread, which may contain carcinogen potassium bromate!

Experts from the Technical Center of the Hubei Inspection and Quarantine Bureau advised consumers to be cautious about bread that is too soft when buying bread.

銆€銆€Potassium bromate has long been considered the best dough conditioner in the baking industry, and the bread made is soft and soft.

However, European and American scientists have found that excessive consumption of potassium bromate can damage the central nervous system, blood and kidneys and cause cancer, which is no longer used in Europe and America.

銆€銆€銆€Boiled corn water is a good drink. People often dump corn water when they eat fragrant boiled corn. In fact, this is a pity.

Boiled corn water not only has the aroma of corn, but also has good health care value. It has the effects of diuretic and anti-inflammatory, prevention of urinary tract infection, and liver fire. It is also made into beverages for sale abroad.

It is best to leave some corn mustard when cooking corn, leaving two layers of green skin, the taste and efficacy are better, you can add some sugar in the corn water when drinking.

銆€銆€Tomato juice can prevent emphysema Japanese researchers have confirmed through animal experiments that tomato juice can effectively prevent emphysema caused by smoking.

The researchers asked the rats to inhale cigarette smoke for 30 minutes each time, five times a week for a total of 8 weeks.

These rats were specially bred, and their various systems deteriorated particularly quickly. After 8 weeks, they developed emphysema, alveoli were destroyed, and they often became asthma.

銆€銆€In the comparative experiment, the researchers incorporated the same amount of tomato juice into the body of the experiment and performed the same experiment.

In the control group, the number of deaths in the lung cells of the rats was reduced, the formation of blood vessels in the lungs was promoted, and the complications of emphysema were completely prevented.

銆€銆€銆€Less TV on the bus Nowadays, mobile phones are available on buses in many cities, and diverse TV entertainment programs become the only pastime on a boring journey.

However, staring at the TV screen on a moving car is very harmful to the eyes.

銆€銆€On the bus, there are often bumps and shaking of the interference, and the TV screen will also shake with the car. In order to see the image and title on the screen, the ciliary muscle will be forced to keep track and adjust, which is easy to produce.Visual fatigue.

銆€銆€Therefore, don’t stare at the TV screen for a long time on the bus or on the long-distance bus.

銆€銆€When the onion is cut without tears, the onion has a volatile substance, which often causes the person who cuts the vegetables to shed tears.

The way to prevent tearing is to soak the kitchen knife in cold water for a while before cutting the onion, and then it will not shed tears when stimulated by volatile substances.

銆€銆€After cutting the onion in half, first soak the cold water and cut it, it will not shed tears.

銆€銆€Put it in the microwave for a little warmer, the onion skin will peel off, and it will not shed tears.

銆€銆€Immerse the onion in hot water for 3 minutes and then cut.

銆€銆€Called the goggles to cut the onions.

銆€銆€Hold your breath and cut.

Because the taste of the onion will pass through the nose to the cranial nerves, causing the eyes to shed tears.

銆€銆€When you cut the onion, a candle on the chopping board can reduce the irritating odor of the onion.

The effect is good.
銆€銆€If you have “tears full of tears”, you can open the freezer and put your head in (as long as you feel the face is cool), you will not cry.
Please see!

銆€銆€Do not sleep on the mattress. If you continuously sleep on one side of the bed, it will easily cause the spring to deform and the mattress to sag.

If the spring of the mattress loses its elasticity, it will not provide good support for the body. When people lie on it, it will change the normal curvature of the human body, make the related muscles and ligaments tight, and wake up with back pain.

After a long time, the body’s compression site is also prone to deformation, speeding up muscle strain and aging and proliferation of the spine bones, and even causing spinal deformity.

銆€銆€Infants and the elderly should pay special attention.

Long-term use of this loss of elasticity of the mattress will affect the child’s bone development, causing hunchback, deformation of the spine and so on.

For the elderly, long-term lying on such a mattress can affect the expansion of the lungs, and can also hinder the blood flow of the lower limbs and pelvic veins, leading to serious diseases such as pulmonary infarction and cerebral infarction.

銆€銆€Dry face can cure cervical spondylosis Ten fingers stretch straight face with the face high, up and down face, every morning and evening 100 times, for half a year.

This method can also treat shoulder inflammation due to the simultaneous movement of the shoulders, and also has a cosmetic effect.

銆€銆€Household oxygen should be four. Many families with old diseases are prepared to have household oxygen cylinders for patients to take oxygen therapy.

Household oxygen cylinders should pay attention to safety during routine maintenance. The following four defenses should be avoided: dumping impact should be avoided when handling oxygen cylinders.

Oxygen and oxygen vibration can cause an explosion due to high pressure in the cylinder.

銆€銆€The heat-resistant oxygen cylinder should be placed in a cool place, at least 1 meter away from heating.

Due to the high pressure inside the cylinder, the oxygen will explode when heated, causing an explosion.

銆€銆€Pyrotechnics and flammable materials can be eliminated around the fire-resistant oxygen cylinder, at least 5 meters from the stove.

Due to oxygen combustion, it can cause burning when exposed to an open flame.

銆€銆€Do not apply oil to the screw opening of the oil-proof oxygen meter, and do not use the hand-screwed screw with oil.

Oxygen and hydrocarbons are prone to combustion and explosion at a certain rate due to oil-based hydrocarbons.