How deep does the Spring Festival Gala rule us?

How deep does the Spring Festival Gala rule us?

Brother Zhuoyue (not me and my brother, or the name of this blog), there is a new blog post called: Why do Spring Festival Gala rule us so deeply?

The article first describes a status quo, I think it is well written, so here is a congratulatory record: A Zhao Benshan flickered us for twenty years, a song “Unforgettable Tonight” became our New Year’s Eve lullaby, and a message of continuation was still a few sentencesA Zhu Jun shouted his throat with tears every year . I wondered: Many people have pain in their mouths to repel spring evening eyes but can’t imitate it?

Think about it: because you still care about it, you cannot do without it.

It is undeniable that the Spring Festival Gala has become a value orientation of Chinese audience’s New Year’s Eve culture.

Whether it is appreciation or criticism, the ratings of Spring Festival Evening in similar programs are unique in the country and globally.

  The TA then analyzes the cause.

I think these reasons are superficial, and there is only one real reason, which is to do it for the country.

As long as our country is committed to the power of the country, it can produce a world record.

Whether it is the Olympics or the Spring Festival Gala.

First, we have a large population, and second, our party’s mobilization is unparalleled.

  But the real reason is not the ultimate answer.

We also need to ask the question: Why do we do what the country does?

  In fact, China is also a tribal country. In other words, we have a strong clan-based collectivist spirit in history, but there is not much national spirit.

The national spirit requires sacrifice and dedication, but the Chinese are fundamentally utilitarian and “milk is mother”.

The amount of imperial power is only at the county level, which objectively promotes the habit of having collective and no country.

The novel “White Deer Plain” describes this quite well: in the face of national justice, we will choose not to be a traitor, but there is no national justice and it does not matter who is loyal: as long as ta lets me live, as long as heInterracial, that’s acceptable.

  There is a detail in “White Deer Plain”. A group leader died in the Nakajoyama Anti-Japanese War, and the group commanders who died during the Anti-Japanese War are endless. They can basically be regarded as unknown martyrs.

However, the head of the regiment received the supreme sorrow of the clan, and the recognized number one intellectual in the clan guarded his spirit, and his name went to the clan temple.

Honorably, the clan can give him (and his family) far more than the state can give him.

And we particularly value this: Guangzong Yaozu!

  After liberation, the nationalistic national consciousness has been continuously strengthened, and the humiliation of being beaten for a hundred years has been dealt with. We Chinese need a pride such as “I am Chinese”. In addition, there is another reason, and I will not analyze it.Already.

The Spring Festival Gala, precisely at this moment, provides a platform in the form of culture that requires the will of the country to establish national awareness.

  According to historical practice (although it is only 97 years old), the Spring Festival is based on Zongzong’s collectivist feast, a tribal hymn, but due to the development of electronic media, the New Year’s Eve Banquet held with the power of the country entered the tribein.

By participating in this banquet more or less, we all agreed that I was a certain family member and was reminded that you are a Chinese.

This is not empty words. Behind it are a large number of ancient, contemporary, realistic, virtual, elegant, and vulgar mixtures.

On a large platter, there are always one or two shows that can be praised for this group of people, or for that group of people.

In other words, for a few minutes, that reminder is effective.

  Of all the large-scale events that can bring the power of the whole country, can’t the Olympic Games be held in a hundred years? It can also be described in a frequency of several decades-but the national will has not missed this rare opportunity.

What’s more, participating in the Olympics once every four years can greatly contribute to the fuss.

National Day is also a season when “Putian Tongqing” can be used, just to observe that tribalization is not strong, so most people just regard it as a long holiday.

The rest is a Spring Festival, a season that integrates tribal collectivism and national consciousness. How will the national will let it go?

  The influence of the Spring Festival Gala definitely did not lie on that night. In fact, for a period of time, it would become a chatter after dinner.

Fei Xiang’s two songs have been talked about to this day.

When people expect it, it is impossible to ignore the bias that the Spring Festival Gala brings to their respective parties, whether you are scolding it or appreciating it.

Among the races, you will surely find your race, and this race, the crowd, is the collectivism without the foundation of the clan.

  Why does the Spring Festival Gala rule us so deeply? Let me ask another question: Why do the Olympics rule us so deeply?

  In fact, the answer is exactly the same.