7 Tips for Interpersonal Communication

7 Tips for Interpersonal Communication


Remember other people’s names, take the initiative to greet others, address them appropriately, make others feel polite, be recognized, and give the impression of being approachable2.

Be generous and easy-going, make others feel relaxed, comfortable, and stimulate communication motivation3.

Cultivate a cheerful and lively personality and make the other person feel happy with you 4.

Cultivate humorous words and deeds, humor without loss of proportion, humor without being frivolous, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

Be humble when dealing with people, be kind to others, and respect others, otherwise things go against your will5.

Be calm and not complain, so that not only will you be happy and cultivated, others will also be happy6.

Pay attention to the charm of language, encourage those who are traumatized, encourage those who fail, compliment those who have truly achieved, and help those who are in difficulty7.

People who are decisive, assertive, and full of self-confidence can easily inspire others to communicate with others, gain the trust of others, and create a charm that makes people happy to interact.